Curriculum Intent

Lockwood Primary School values all pupils and celebrates diversity of experience, interest and achievement. All pupils need to experience praise, recognition and success, and all pupils have equal entitlement to this.

Our curriculum ensures the school  meets its duty, obligation and principal equality values to provide a high-quality education for all of its pupils.

We aim to:

• Eliminate discrimination

• Promote equal opportunities.

• Foster good relationships between pupils with SEND and pupils without     SEND.


Further information on how this is achieved can be found in our Equal Opportunities Statement, Inclusion Plan, SEND Policy and our PSHE/SRE and SMSC schemes of work.

These can all be found in the Statutory information file. 


Our curriculum has been developed to be:

  • inclusive
  • ambitious
  • broad
  • balanced
  • progressive
  • ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum.