School Uniform

The school’s colours are pillar-box red, grey and white and we do ask you to encourage your child to wear clothing of these colours whilst at school. We also ask that girls wear skirts of a suitable length - too long or too short can be dangerous, as can unsuitable footwear particularly at playtime. We have our own red Lockwood Primary School sweatshirts, fleece jackets and polo shirts; these can be purchased at the school office.

For indoor PE lessons, children normally work barefoot and need shorts and a T-shirt. For outdoor games and PE, appropriate clothing and a change of footwear is necessary. Each child needs a bag to keep his/her kit in and you will be informed at the beginning of the school year on what days PE sessions will take place. Can we request that all items of clothing are named as it is often difficult for children to recognise jumpers, coats etc. that look alike. A lost property box is located in each area but we cannot keep these items of clothing indefinitely.

Jewellery/Watches/Personal Property

Jewellery can be dangerous and so for safety reasons children should not wear it to school except for small stud earrings if necessary. These must be removed before PE and swimming sessions.

Watches are easily lost and broken and these and other personal possessions are brought to school at the child’s/parents’ own risk. We try to ensure that things do not get lost, broken or go missing but we cannot be held responsible. Bringing toys to school is discouraged for the same reason.