Meet the Lockwood family

Mrs Lesley Lawson – Headteacher

Ms Carole Falconbridge – Office Manager

Miss Stevie Langley – Administrative Assistant/Breakfast Club/Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Claire Griffiths – Nursery Teacher and EYFS/KS1 Lead

Miss Mandy Watson – Nursery Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast Club/After School Club


Mrs Laura Barber - Reception Teacher


Mrs Judith Fox – Reception Teaching Assistant and Afterschool Club


Mrs Melanie Moore – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Helen Maidens and Miss Rachel Evans – Year 1 Teaching Assistants


Miss Georgina Powell – Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Helen Maidens – Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Susan Anderson and Mrs Diane Wills - Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Christine Clapton – Year 3 Teaching Assistant 


Mrs Carole Robson and Mrs Emma Elliott – Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Diane Eddon – Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Chery Walker – Year 5 Teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Suzanne Dickinson – Year 5 Teacher and SENDco

Miss Leah Martin – Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Miss Sabina Jerz – Year 6 Teacher and TLR

Mrs Kath Lunn – Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Mr Eugene Power - Caretaker

Miss Susan Little - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Ann Cook - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Amy Burrow - Lunchtime Assistant