Our Vision

At Lockwood Primary School we aim to:

    • Create an atmosphere where children are happy, secure and ready to learn.
    • Value each individual child and encourage him/her to reach their fullest academic, aesthetic, physical, social and spiritual potential.
    • Provide a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum which allows each child to work towards achieving appropriate attainment targets required at their National Curriculum key stage.
    • Have a common policy for behaviour throughout the school emphasising a positive approach and also educating the children as to what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour.
  • Build up relationships of trust, respect and support between staff, governors, parents, advisory colleagues and friends in the local community for the good of the children within our school.

Our Golden Rules

    • Be Friendly and help each other to get along together.
    • Work hard and try our best.
    • Follow instructions from adults at school.
    • Be sensible in school and use and inside voice.
    • Walk around school.
    • Play safe games at playtime.