School Meals

School meals are provided by Creative Management Catering and are cooked on the premises.


There is a wide choice of menu and children are encouraged to choose what they like.


The present cost is £2.20 per day, (£11 per week). 

Parent Pay should be used to pay for school dinners.


Provision is made for children to eat packed lunches brought from home, we do ask that this is packed in a box. If your child wishes to change from a school to packed lunch, at least one weeks notice is required.

We  are a healthy school and packed lunches are monitored to ensure all of the children are eating a healthy balanced diet.

Parents are asked to ensure they do not pack foods that  contain nuts into school as some children have nut allergies, this includes things such as nutella spread and bakewell tarts.


If staff are concerned about the contents of packed lunches parents will be contacted directly.


Free School Meals

All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to access Universal Free school meals. We would encourage you to take up this offer. children often try a wider range of foods when  with eating with their peers. This can help develop life long healthy eating habits  
Please note schools receive extra funding in their budget for the number of children receiving free school meals.
It is therefore a benefit to the school and your child to claim if you are entitled to receive free school meals.
You can register for Free school meals whilst your child is receiving Universal Free School dinners in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
Once your child is registered for Free School Meals our school will receive £1 350 to spend on supporting your child in school.
Once in receipt they are free until the end of Year 6.

A free meal is supplied to some children by reason of the parental income level in accordance with scales laid down by the local education authority and this includes any parent in receipt of Income Support.

If you think your child may be entitled to free meals, please contact the school. Every effort is made to ensure that children receiving free school meals cannot be distinguished from other children.